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Have you seen these wasps flying over your lawn?

The Ichneumon wasp (Ike Newman wasp) is a great indicator that your lawn has lawn grub. The Ike Newman wasp is a beneficial insect, laying its eggs in the lawn grub. Eventually the larvae will completely eat the host. Pretty cool hey!

Unfortunately in big populations the Ike Newman wasp cannot control the lawn grub and other control measures need to be implemented.
We are now stocking Acelepryn GR 10kg which is a season long control insecticide for lawn grub and other insects such as African Lawn Beetle. Acelypryn has a very low environmental impact and it's designed to only stay in the application area and won't move into flowers. Acelepryn controls only the targeted insects and doesn't impact native animals and pets.
Give us a call if you would like to order Acelepryn or jump on our website and send us an enquiry.

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