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Dollar Spot

Are you noticing spots in your Wintergreen Couch lawn roughly the size of a dollar coin?

Dollar spot is caused by four species of fungus. The spots are usually the same size of a dollar coin but may spread further on grass that is allowed to grow longer.

Dollar Spot is usually caused by neglecting your lawn. Improving your lawn practices, Dollar Spot should not be an issue in the future.

  1. Improve your lawns moisture - Dollar Spot is known to be an issue in dry lawns. but make sure you only water in the morning and not at night, fungal diseases thrive in damp grass.
  2.  Make sure your lawn has adequate nitrogen levels. Nitrogen is required for leaf growth. The more vigorous your lawn is the less likely your lawn will develop diseases. A healthy lawn will also out-compete weeds. [😊]
  3. Dethatch your lawn - Having a lawn that is full of thatch makes it a lot harder for water and nutrients penetrate the soil. Dethatching your lawn also allows better air circulation.
  4. Cut your lawn a little higher in the slow growing months. Your lawn is more susceptible to weeds and diseases during this period.

By following a good lawn practice you shouldn't have to apply any fungicides to your lawn. But if you still need to use a fungicide due to a really bad outbreak, some options are Mancozeb and Zaleton Systemic. Be careful as Dollar Spot is known to have a fungicide resistance, so make sure you rotate between fungicides and always follow the label.

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