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Lawn Grub - Is your lawn under attack?

We've got some tips on what to look for if your lawn is under attack.

Army Worm, Cut Worm and Webworm are all surface dwelling caterpillars that can cause devastation in your lawn before you even know they're present. These caterpillars come out after dark and will feed all throughout the night.

Here's some handy tips to help identify if your lawn is under attack.

  • Increased Birdlife - Birds love these caterpillars, especially magpies! This is usually the first telltale sign of these pesky caterpillars.
  • Increased Moth Activity - Have a look over your lawn just on dark. These moths can be white/grey/brown and tend to fly just over your lawn, searching for the healthiest grass to lay their eggs in.
  • Spongy Soil - Soil can tend to feel spongy underfoot and if you look closely you can see where the soil has been upturned.
  • Caterpillar Droppings - These droppings can be seen if you look closely in the grass. The droppings are bright and green and hard to miss.
  • Hovering Wasps - The Ike Newman Wasp is a beneficial wasp that lays its egg in the caterpillars. The parasitic wasp (black and red in colour), will hover just above your lawn looking for the perfect host.
  • Eggs - Have you ever seen those furry brown little patches on ceilings and eaves around your house? These are Army Worm eggs. Remove these with a broom as soon as you see them, because once they have hatched they'll make a web down to the ground and make their way into your lawn.

Another couple of ways to find out if you have Lawn Grub!

  • Throw a bucket of good soapy water on the lawn and wait around 10 minutes for the lawn grub to come to the surface.
  • Use a black garbage bag and lay on your lawn to trick the grubs into thinking it's night. Wait around an hour and lift it up and if lawn grub is present, they'll be at the surface feasting on your grass.

Treatment - Acelepryn is a safe and effective control for Lawn Grub and other damaging turf insects and has a low environmental impact. One application will give your lawn season long control.

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