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Sapphire Buffalo Grass from Twist Bros Grass Suppliers

sapphire buffalo grass supplier

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf (Stenotaphrum secundatum) - Australia's No.1 Shade Tolerant Buffalo

Sapphire® Buffalo is an excellent choice of turf to buy for those shady areas due to its ability to survive in 70% shade and is also an excellent choice for full sun areas.

Sapphire® Buffalo grass has a finer leaf compared to other Buffalo turf varieties due to its folded leaf blades, which give the gives the grass an incredible soft feel.

Sapphire® Buffalo sod is considered the greenest buffalo on the market, even when its dormant in winter. This variety is extremely hard-wearing and has a rapid recovery rate if damaged. This variety has a dense root system which makes it drought tolerant and will out-compete weeds once established. Sapphire® grass is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers due to its low seed head production.

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Key Features

  • Shade tolerant turf
  • Suits full sun to 70% shade
  • Soft to touch due to the folding leaf blades
  • Outstanding winter colour
  • Excellent resistance to pest and diseases
  • Low allergy sod
  • Medium salt tolerant
  • Suits most soil types
  • Low thatch compared to other Buffalo sod varieties
  • 25-50mm recommended mowing height

saphire soft leaf buffalo turf supplier



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