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Nara Zoysia - Nara Native Turf from Twist Bros Turf Supplier Company

nara zoysia lawn supplier

Nara Native Zoysia Turf (Zoysia macrantha) - Environmentally Friendly Native Turf

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Zoysia Nara™ is native to the east coast of Australia and is incredibly tough and well suited to our extreme climatic conditions we face in South East Queensland. Nara™ is extremely low maintenance and requires less mowing than most other turf varieties.

Its deep-root system and thick swards enables the grass to out-compete weeds once established. Zoysia Nara™ is a vibrant green throughout the year, even when its dormant in winter. Once established Nara™ can survive just on natural rainfalls and is highly resistant to pest and disease. Zoysia Nara™ is well suited to windy and high saline coastal conditions and has an excellent wear resilience.

If you are looking to be more sustainable around your home, this lawn is for you! Contact our lawn supplier company for more information on this turf variety. 

nara zoysia Key Features

  • Australian native sod
  • Luxurious feel under foot
  • Suits full sun and has 50% shade tolerance
  • Less maintenance turf compared to Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo
  • High resistance to pest and disease
  • Drought and salt tolerant
  • Out-competes weeds once established
  • Suits most soil types
  • Excellent to use for erosion control in sloping yards
  • Low thatch sod
  • 15-50mm recommended mowing height

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