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Turf Fertiliser

twist brother turf sunshine coast sod supplier lawn fungicide

Buy Turf Fertilizer

Twist Brothers Turf have 5L and 25kg Turf Fertilizer (and more turf supplies) available for purchase. This slow-release turf fertilizer is perfect for use before turf installation to help for a faster lawn establishment and is also a great turf fertiliser to apply to established lawns as part of your ongoing lawn care. 

Application rate - 5kg to 200m2 and water in well. 

As an experienced sod supplier company, we recommend applying your sod fertilizer with a Scotts Handy Green Fertiliser Spreader for even fertiliser distribution across your installed turf.

ck 88 turf fertilizer from sod supplier twist brothers turf 

25kg CK88 Turf Fertiliser - $66.00

5l turf fertilizer from sod supplier twist brothers turf sunshine coast 


scotts handy green sod fertilizer from turf supplier twist brothers turf sunshine coast 

Handy Green Fertiliser Spreader - $24.20


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