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Wintergreen Couch Turf

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Wintergreen Couch Turf (Cynodon dactylon cv. Wintergreen) The Best All-Round Budget Friendly Lawn

Looking for cheaper turf supplies from experienced turf growers?

Wintergreen Couch turf is extremely hardy and thrives in full sun and is known for its extremely quick recovery rate due to the Wintergreen's very deep root system, making it ideal for those high traffic areas.

Wintergreen Couch sod has a soft fine leaf, dense growth and lush green colour, making this grass an excellent and affordable lawn choice.

Wintergreen Couch sod is highly drought tolerant and will go dormant in prolonged dry periods and in winter but will remain a vibrant green colour throughout the cooler seasons.

As a leading sod supplier, why not ask for a Wintergreen turf price quote now? 

Key Features

  • Full sun to 30% shade
  • Exceptionally hard wearing turf and self-repairing
  • Drought resistant and tolerant
  • Excellent turf choice for high traffic areas
  • Fine soft leaf sod
  • Medium salt tolerance
  • Suits most soil types
  • Great colour retention throughout winter
  • Dormant in winter - Less watering and mowing
  • 15-25mm recommended mowing height

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