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Lawn Care Tips & Advice

Lawn Advice & Tips

Mowing Heights

Wintergreen Couch - 15mm to 25mm Soft Leaf Buffalo Sapphire - 20mm to 50mm Native Zoysia Nara - 15mm to 50mm

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Dollar Spot

Are you noticing spots in your Wintergreen Couch lawn roughly the size of a dollar coin?

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Lawn Grub Identification

I thought I would share these tips on lawn grub identification as I went away for 6 days and came home to a lawn grub invasion at my property! The Ike Newman wasps hovering over my lawn was the biggest giveaway that my lawn was under attack.

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Why choose Soft Leaf Sapphire Buffalo turf?

Buffalo Sapphire is an excellent choice for those shady areas due to its ability to survive in up to 70% shade. Sapphire has a finer leaf compared to other Buffalo varieties due to its folding leaf blades, which give the gives the grass an incredible soft feel.

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Have you seen these wasps flying over your lawn?

The Ichneumon wasp (Ike Newman wasp) is a great indicator that your lawn has lawn grub. The Ike Newman wasp is a beneficial insect, laying its eggs in the lawn grub. Eventually the larvae will completely eat the host. Pretty cool hey!

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