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Turf Installation Sunshine Coast - Preparation, Laying & Maintenance

turf installers sunshine coast

Lawn Preparation, Laying, and Maintenance

Lawn Preparation

Lawn preparation is easy if you follow some simple steps.

Choose your turf variety – Decide on the turf that you want to install. Consider what will suit the area and the conditions. If you are unsure on what variety to choose, our turf installers are always happy to help!

Use a tape measure to accurately measure the size of the area. Always add in 5% extra to allow for off cuts

Remove all existing weeds and old grass - Spray with your chosen natural or chemical herbicide, wait 10 days and apply a second application of your chosen herbicide if new weeds are present.

Clear the area of any debris, rock and old weeds.

Avoid any future drainage issues by making sure the chosen turf area is gently sloping away from any foundations.

We recommend adding 50-100mm of turf underlay and level out the area with a rake

Fertilise your prepared area with a good quality lawn fertiliser. Our turf company can supply you with the lawn fertiliser that we use on our turf farm at a small price.

Laying New Turf

After delivery, lay turf as soon possible to avoiding turf from drying out.

Start by laying your turf at the furthest point in the area; by doing this you will not be walking over the freshly laid turf.

Lay turf in a brick pattern by offsetting the joints and make sure each slab is laid tight to the next slab to prevent any gaps. Lay across a sloping area to prevent erosion.

Use a shovel or cane knife to cut turf pieces to the correct size. 

Rollers can be used after turf is laid to ensure good contact with the turf slabs to the soil

It is extremely important water in the turf straight away. If the area is large, start watering sections as soon as a small area is laid.

If all this seems too much work, Twist Brothers Turf company offers a turf installation service.

Ongoing Turf Care

Now this is the most important part to keep your new lawn looking healthy all year round!

Water your new lawn daily for the first 10 days and then every few days for the first month

Try to minimise traffic as much as possible for the first few weeks until the lawn is established

Do not mow your lawn for the first few weeks. If laying in winter, wait until a month before the first mow

Check to see if the roots are attached to the soil by lifting a few corners of the turf. If the turf does not lift, it is ready for the first mow. Always mow the grass at a high level for the first time.

For best results, fertilise your lawn every 3 months with an all-purpose fertiliser. Fertilise your lawn just before the cooler months to keep a greener lawn throughout winter

Monitor for pests and diseases. Treat any problems straight away to prevent any long-term problems

In late spring dethatch, aerate, and top dress your lawn if needed

Please call our turf installers if you need any more advice about turf installation.


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