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The Twist Brothers Story

The name Twist Brothers Turf isn’t just a business name, it’s a story that started over 48 years ago in the small Queensland town of Chevallum. Three brothers Rick, Jeff and David alongside their families decided to prepare their farm to grow strawberries; little did they know this would be a successful business for the next 46 years.

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Turf Varieties

Unsure of what turf is best for you? As Experienced turf suppliers Let us assist you to buy sod that is right for your needs.

nara native zoysia turf suppliers sunshine coast

Environmentally friendly native turf

Nara Native Zoysia Turf - SOLD OUT

Nara™ turf is native to the east coast of Australia and is an incredibly tough turf, well suited to our extreme climatic conditions we face in South East Queensland.

Nara™ is very low maintenace turf and requires less mowing than other turf varieties. Its thick root system and thick swards enables to out-compete weeds once established. Zoysia Nara™ sod is a vibrant green throughout the year, even when the lawn is dormant in winter.

Once established Nara™ can survive just on natural rainfalls and is highly resitance to pest and disease. Zoysia Nara™ will thrive in windy and high saline coastal conditions and has an excellent wear resilience. 

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Folding mature leaves, soft to feel touch

Buffalo Blend

Buffalo Blend turf is an excellent choice for those shady areas due to its ability to survive in 70% shade and is also an excellent choice for full sun areas.

Buffalo Blend has a finer leaf compared to other Buffalo turf varities due to its folded leaf blades; which give the gives the grass an incredible soft feel. Buffalo Blend is considered the greenest buffalo on the market, even when it's dormant in winter.

This variety of sod is extremely hard-wearing and has a rapid recovery rate if damaged. This variety has a dense root system which makes it drought tolerant and will out-compete weeds once established. Buffalo Blend is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers due to it's low seed head production.

* This turf contains a mix of Buffalo and Zoysia variety.

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soft leaf buffalo grass turf suppliers sunshine coast

wintergreen couch turf suppliers sunshine coast

Extremely hard wearing and self-repairing

Wintergreen Couch Turf

Wintergreen Couch sod is extremely hardy and thrives in full sun and is known for its extremely quick recovery rate due to the Wintergreen's very deep root system, making it ideal turf for those high traffic areas.

Wintergreen Couch has a soft fine leaf, dense growth and lush green colour, making this grass an excellent and affordable lawn choice.

Wintergreen Couch grass is highly drought tolerant and will go dormant in prolonged dry periods and in winter but will still remain a vibrant green colour throughout the cooler seasons.

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As A SE QLD & Wide Bay-Burnett Region SOD Supplier, we cover a range of sectors and have a variety OF SOD SUPPLIES for every need, here are a few.

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    Retirement Villages
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    Landscape Architects
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All persons are welcome to visit our farm and view turf to buy, via appointment.

At Twist Brothers Turf Sunshine Coast, we understand picking the right type of turf/sod can be challenging. Please come down via appointment and see our varities of turf and turf suppliers for yourself.

Our on-site turf company staff will be available to assist you with any questions you may have along the way.

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Twist Brothers - End of an Era

32 Years of Support for Strawbfest!!!

The Twist Brothers, Rick, David, Jeff and their families have supported Chevallum State School since Strawbfest’s conception in 1987. Each year the Twists have kept strawberry fields open, quite often beyond the strawberry season, to allow our school access to their abundant juicy produce. Over the years, the Twists, generous beyond belief, have provided extra picked produce, kept their fields watered beyond the season, taught our students how to professionally pack punnets, allowed use of packing sheds and cold rooms and provided free packaging whilst letting our students trek onto their private land.

All of this generosity was provided, in the words of Rick Twist, because ‘we just love to see the kids in our fields and we like to help out the school’. Personally, I would like to acknowledge the community spirit and kind heartedness of the Twist brothers and their families who are the ‘salt of the earth’ and thank them on behalf of Chevallum State School.

They are a fine example of ‘paying it forward’ and our school and students over the many years are direct beneficiaries of their generosity. The Twists will be changing their direction in farming and will be sadly moving away from strawberry industry after 46 years. They are looking forward to new beginnings where their lives are not so determined by the weather and/or market forces. Chevallum State School wishes them well in their future endeavours.

The Twists are still our wonderful neighbours who still generously allow our parents to park on their private land. Chevallum State School will continue our positive community relationship with the Twists. Our school will publically acknowledge the Twists contribution to our school – more information will be provided soon.


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